12th Precinct Con – a Castle Convention in Dresden

If you know me a little bit, you know I’m a big fan of the tv show Castle, I usually do some graphics from episode of that show. Last weekend there was a Castle Convention in Dresden. Back in November when I heard of this Convention, I had to buy a ticket. Back then it wasn’t sure who from the Castle Cast will join the convention. Sadly non of the 2 main characters were able to make it. Of course at first I was really disappointed but other cast members who I also like very much were there. When will you have the chance to meet Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Julianna Dever and Penny Johnson Jerald in Germany? So I decided to go anyway and even if it was a really exhausting, it was a great weekend.
At first I wasn’t very happy with the organisation of the 12th precinct con, it was a little bit chaos but they did better on the second day and in the end that’s not that important to me because I had a great weekend and I got to see and meet some great people and actors live. I decided to just focus on the great things from that weekend. So even if the organisation wasn’t perfect, I’m thankful anyway. The organisers of 12th precinct con brought some actors of my favourite tv show to Germany, in the end that’s all that’s matters. I would probably go again, if there is another convention in europe.

Photos from 12th Precinct Con:

And of course I had my camera with me and I took a lot of photos. Flash photography wasn’t allowed, so the photos are noisy but I think that’s better than no photos at all. I’m very happy with the results. So here are some of my photos:

Do not post any of my photos anywhere else.


Ich arbeite beruflich viel am Computer, daher liebe ich es in meiner Freizeit an der frischen Luft zu sein. Am liebsten gehe ich auf Fototouren, manchmal geplant, manchmal planlos.

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