100 Episodes of Castle – Poster & Wallpaper

My favorite tv show has a big number coming up. The 100th episode will air tomorrow. For that I wanted to do something and I had this idea for a poster with a lot of pictures from different episodes. So i started my project a couple of days ago. First I collected all kinds of episode promotion pictures from as many episode as I could find and pictures from behind the scenes. In total I had over 1200 pictures.

The next step was to get all pictures to the same size and they had to be in a square format. For that i made an action in photoshop, which cropped and saved the picture. And with batch I was working through all pictures. It still took like three hours because I had to check every crop. But with an action and batch it’s still faster than doing it all on my own for every picture.
Now I had all my pictures in the right size but they still were in order of the episodes and I wanted them in a random order. But I got this problem solved thanks to a tool named Ant Renamer.
So after that I tried the Contact Sheet II feature of Photoshop to get all pictures on one sheet and that’s the background you can see on the posters and wallpaper. That took over 4 hours btw but Photoshop was working on it’s own. I could spent this time with other stuff. In total there are 1728 different pictures in the background of the posters.
The rest was pretty „easy“ stuff: cutting people out and paste them on the background. 😉

First I just wanted to do a poster but I liked it so much, that I wanted to have it on my desktop as well. That’s why I made two wallpaper with the same design.

A lot of work, but I loved doing it.


Ich arbeite beruflich viel am Computer, daher liebe ich es in meiner Freizeit an der frischen Luft zu sein. Am liebsten gehe ich auf Fototouren, manchmal geplant, manchmal planlos.

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