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Today I was watching a ADAC GT Masters race in television. This weekend they are racing on Eurospeedway Lausitz. This track is not that far away, but I don’t have a car right now, so I can’t get there to see the race live. But I was on this track for the ADAC GT Masters in 2010 and I made a lot of photos. I’ve posted them on my portfolio, but I never made a blog post, so here it is. This are my photos from the racing weekend in 2010.


spring sky

I have so many photos I haven’t published. Somethimes I think some of my photos need some time to „grow up“. Usually when I come from a photo tour I go through my photos and choose the best ones to publish. Sometimes I don’t have time right after a tour and I forget. Or sometimes I don’t think a photo is good enough until I look at it later.

That’s what happened now. I chose a photo folder spontaneous and had a look at the photos. And I thought some of them aren’t that bad. It’s time to do something with them.

So there are some photos from spring 2010. I remember this day, I was on tour with my friend Nicole. We startet at a cementry, went to the statium and ended up in a park.