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And this is the second part of my photo tour from last weekend. We started at Berlin main train station and we went along the Spree.


geschützte grünanlage

So, last weekend was perfect because

  1. there was fresh snow,
  2. I didn’t have to work and
  3. I wasn’t sick.

So I went on a photo tour with a friend. On Saturday we were in Berlin and on Sunday we went through Park Sanssouci  in Potsdam. I know I’ve already posted snow photos, but believe me there are some new one with street life, building, parks and even a nice sunset.


Swimming Monster

I found this new feature in Photoshop CS 6 called Color Lookup and I wanted to try it out. It has some nice color effects. I used this in different variations with possibilietes for some of my old photos. I chose one of my photo folders from 2009 with photos from my trip to the USA.



My doc said it would be good if I took a walk to get better. Today the sun was out and it looked beautiful, so I took a walk. I felt like a teddy bear with all the clothes I was wearing, I just wanted to make sure I won’t get cold.


spring sky

I have so many photos I haven’t published. Somethimes I think some of my photos need some time to „grow up“. Usually when I come from a photo tour I go through my photos and choose the best ones to publish. Sometimes I don’t have time right after a tour and I forget. Or sometimes I don’t think a photo is good enough until I look at it later.

That’s what happened now. I chose a photo folder spontaneous and had a look at the photos. And I thought some of them aren’t that bad. It’s time to do something with them.

So there are some photos from spring 2010. I remember this day, I was on tour with my friend Nicole. We startet at a cementry, went to the statium and ended up in a park.


Going Home

Usually I love winter with snow but this year I’m not so happy. Right now I’m recovering from a bad cold. After a week in bed feeling like shit I’m startng to feeling better. Anyway I would love to go out and make a lot of photos because there is snow in Berlin. But I can’t because I’m sick. So I hope snow will stay a little whilte and I get another chance for photos in a week or two.


Argentinische Allee

At work I get to know a lot about Zehlendorf. It’s a district of Berlin. Today I had the idea of a little tour to that part of Berlin and just see what I can find. I used the train S1 to get to all the places I had in mind.


The Lilienthal monument

There was no snow on Christmas and we had around +10°C. So I went on a nice walk after Christmas and wanted to see the Lilienthal monument that’s not far from where I live right now.
So here are some of the photos I took. I think this will also look nice with a lot of green around. So I might go again next spring or summer.


For the last weeks we had a little bit more snow in Berlin. I always wanted to go and take photos but it seemed like the sun was always shining when I was at work and when I had time, the weather was not pretty. So thes said the snow will melt in the next days and so I had to go right after work, so I have my first snow photos from Berlin.


First Snow in Berln 2012

When I woke up yesterday, it was snowing. It wasn’t much and I didn’t have time to go out and take some more photos, so I just took some on my bacony.
The snow didn’t last half a day, it’s still to warm. I’m hope for more this winter because everything can be so beautiful with a white blanket.