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Urban Graphics

Over the last couple of days I changed some things around here. It was a lot of work especially in the backend, but I think it was worth it. Now I’m more flexible when I want to change something on my blog. What is different now? All of my photos and graphics are now in a portfolio. They were articles before. This makes it easier for me to post my photos and graphics and if I have a good day I can even write an article about it to let everyone know. I also plan to upload more of my graphics. I have a lot of wallpaper and posters I made over the last months and years.

I’m not big on writing blog entries, i just want to post some of the photos i make. So this is my portfolio. I will try to post photos and maybe i will write a blog entriy when i do, so you know what’s new 😉 Oh and you probably already noticed that i’m writing in english. I think it’s better for me and it’s more international and it’s the internet. LOL