Castle & Beckett Calendar 2016

It’s this time of the year where I publish my Castle & Beckett Calendar. It’s the fifth Calendar I’m doing and I still have a lot of fun doing it. And again I tried to work in a different layout for this calendar. I don’t want them to look the same. For this Castle & Beckett Calendar I used screencaps from episodes which aired in 2015. This means I used scenes from Episode 11 from Season 7 to Episode 8 from Season 8. I hope I choose some scenes you guys like as well.

Like always I would love to get some responses. If you print the Castle Calendar feel free to send me a photo via twitter (@FreakyMD)

There is this one important rule: If you would like to post it somewhere else, ask me first.

I start this calendar after Christmas every year. I work on it for serveral days. Usually I get 2 months done in one hour, which means I have the basics done in around 6 hours. After that I start to optimize everything. The quality of screencaptures is not the best for printing. I use 1280×720 pixel screencaps, I downloaded from Home of The Nutty. Most of the time is optimizing, so all in all it takes over 10 hours to finish this Calendar. Why am I writing this? I can see how many people are downloading my Calendar every year and I see how many people say „Thank you“. Believe me, it’s a big difference. So if you like this Castle & Beckett Calendar and download this one, please leave a short Thank you note. It costs you nothing but a little time.

Castle & Beckett Calendar

Download the Castle & Beckett Calendar (pdf)

download (PDF | 16 MB)


Ryan & Esposito Desktop Calendar (Bonus)


download (1920 x 1080 pixel)


Ich arbeite beruflich viel am Computer, daher liebe ich es in meiner Freizeit an der frischen Luft zu sein. Am liebsten gehe ich auf Fototouren, manchmal geplant, manchmal planlos.

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  1. Love it!! Thank you so much!

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